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Manager and Owner Edwin Andrade from  https://waynatravelperu.com 🤓  Sacred Valley Yanahuara

We are # 1 Physical Travel Agency. Moreover, Online Travel Agency. Receptive, Automated
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Firstly, We have a new commitment. Above all, Service Guarantee Travel with all our clients.
We also have, with many years of experience, in this Tourist Tourism Activity, above all, we quite like it.

Secondly. How we have learned to get the experience.
Mainly. We have worked as a Tour Guide Main Role, in very large companies. Especially very famous with good reputations on tripadvisor.

Therefore, due to my good reputation and considered as the best Guide in Cusco, he decides to organize, local travel agency Peru, in the city of Cusco.
Therefore. We put a name in our Language. WAYNA, which means, Young, very humble young man.
In conclusion, we join with the English word, TRAVEL. Additionally we chose the name of our country. PERU. Thus was born in CUSCO, a local and Original company. waynatravelperu.com

In the same way. With a new vision of new tourist attractions Cusco city / unique travel itineraries.
We will offer you hidden treasures, in the same way, discover and explore all the best tourist destinations.
Further. Discover, the Magic of Culture, History, makes us feel the top nature explorers.
More importantly, we are a trained tourism company, we are experts in planning your trips, Your vacation plan, with a new method of organization.
Similarly, We fulfill your request, well detailed tour questions
Therefore, time is very valuable. In other words, no reason to waste time. Similarly, we are also very alert to your health and altitude sickness.

Cusco Peru Sacred Valley Yanahuara organization of tours

Therefore, we organize the best tours, even with new methods, especially to the famous tourist destinations in the Cusco region.

Like the Rainbow Mountain Hike / Laguna Humantay Trekking / sacred valley and machu picchu tour from cusco / Short Inca Trail 2 days / Maras Moray y Salineras Tour.

We organize Tourist Transport Services. Above all, exclusively new, clean and comfortable equipped. Con. Above all, with first aid service, such as oxygen control devices, oxygen bottle.
We make stops. Above all, in very clean and disinfected bathrooms.

Thirdly, we know all the tourist places well. Thus. We were born in the land of the Incas Cusco and we are children of mother earth, children of the sun.

In the same way we speak the language of the Incas. Additionally language of Cusco, Macu Picchu.
Therefore, we are the real and original in sustainable tourism.

Thank you for supporting this local company. Especially, Descendants of the Incas.
We come from an indigenous Quechua family, of very humble condition.
“Humility helps us recognize the value of others.”

We do not have the best web masters without presidents

In the same way we show a page
Natural web, made by us, written by our own words, thanks one more.

the power we have to control our thoughts
“Every achievement, every wealth earned has its beginning in an idea!”

The desire and hope are not enough, but we must be willing to burn all our ships and bet our future on our ability to get what we want.

“There is no wealth or position that can last long unless it has been formed on loyalty and justice; therefore, I will not participate in any transaction that does not benefit everyone affected. I will be successful in drawing to myself the forces I want to use and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me by my willingness to serve others. I will eliminate contempt, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism and cultivate love for all humanity because I know that a negative attitude towards others will never make me successful. I will make others believe in me because I will believe in them and myself ” 🤓


wayna travel peru
wayna travel peru 🤓 from peru
wayna travel peru
wayna travel peru 🤓 from cusco
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