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The stone city of Machu Picchu, forgotten city, secret temple worship

Heavenly Planet presents an investigation into the spiritual magnetic oblivion city, Machu Picchu, very different from other studies and investigations conservative, presenting most conventional researchers and historians. As theorists ancient astronauts, we assume the premise that were visited in the remote part of our wonderful heavenly planet by extraterrestrials who posed as gods and had the genetic technology to manipulate our DNA, so we can advance our evolution for thousands of years. This is the story that we have always denied and that empires known since man is man. Real and true history of our extraterrestrial origin, which comes bundled with the means of domination in most evil mass used on the human race, is the biggest kept secret in history.
Another premise we take for affirmative is that at some point in the real history of our world was decided to eliminate polytheistic religions, to replace them by monotheists, because they were no longer effective as a means of domination mass, because the evolutionary advance in understanding the reality of Homo sapiens, let the man stop seeing aliens as gods. This required a quick and drastic solution by the aliens to go unnoticed and maintain control of their genetic experiment domination. And also that there are a global network of magnetic energy centers which were built all monolithic works from 14,000 BC to the present and the extraterrestrial technological advice in the distant past of the earth, which were used from space as a beacon or brand on the planet that showed them some information specific to the aliens. Another fact that we take for real is the existence of portals at these points of the magnetic global network, and they were built to remain at the time, and future generations, as they develop technology and civilized knowledge, could realize that they left their mark and intervention by our heavenly planet, we also incidentally series of systematic conspiracies, made by the elites of all empires of the earth and the church, to keep hidden the truth of our origin why archeology never find the linchpin of human evolution, the missing link, because this is, in outer space and one or more races of extraterrestrial beings that are genetically mixed with us, and control the evolution of the civilization of homo sapiens.
Finally the most important statement is that myths and legends are not such, are true stories and true that our ancestors left us a legacy, they wrote and painted what they saw and lived, only they could not understand that great technology deployment star beings, which, to the godlike. Wondering – if you now open the star gate of the gods and allow our creators to return in their starships? and If you possessed the key and secret knowledge and could open portals leading to the cosmic realm of the gods, are you prepared to travel to a world beyond our imagination and find teachers of the stars would be? If we examine the progress of humanity today, or sometimes rather lack of it, we wonder if we have reached a stage in our evolutionary development as a species, allowing us to enter the domain of highly advanced alien species. In this context fits the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, which was discovered on June 24, 1911 by the American historian Professor Hiram Bingham, but I call it discovery, it is not recommended, as the city was never lost, but forgotten .
 Since then and due to its construction marvels, the presence of aliens in Machu Picchu has not been ruled polemics. Its name means «old peak», is located 2,700m high, and is one of the holy cities of the Inca civilization. Machu Picchu is considered a marvel of architectural engineering. Peculiarities of construction and mystery in which they maintained, have become pilgrimage center both as a tourist and spiritual research. Machu Picchu is surrounded by a huge forest of towering mountains. Located in the province of Urubamba, near Cuzco, the Inca sanctuary, it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. One of the theories about its existence, indicate that it was a Vestal center for the shelter of the Ñustas or Virgins of the Sun, so we can consider it was a Holy City.

MachuPicchu was a hidden sanctuary, a peaceful city, made for meditation, where rites with the prized coca performed and where there was an acllahausi.

People left unexplained and definitely the so-called City of Peace, and the forest devoured her, hiding for hundreds of years. Etymologically comes from the Quechua Machu Picchu, it refers to the topography of the mountain. The compound word means: Machu elderly and Picchu mountain. This would mean old Mountain or mountain. The city was built in a hidden cache of land belonging to Pachacutec, built on the edge of precipices and away from main roads. Spanish chroniclers do not mention, which announces that never knew of their existence, and certainly not the Andean population itself, except the Inca SAPAC or one king, and the panaca Pachacutec … .Picchu obviously played a defensive role a leg llacta Pata hideout with all services to withstand a siege and isolation of decades. Lacking human population no nexus linking what is now called Machu Picchu with Cusco and other areas. The last Incas did not know of the site and therefore the Spaniards never penetrated it, since that time there were no roads or towns that would lead there. Peru, in South America, is unquestionably one of the most important centers of ancient civilizations. The Tahuantinsuyo, known as the Inca Empire (sun worshipers), is one of the most important cultures among which reached a high development and flourished before the arrival of Europeans. Its ruins have fascinated at all times both archaeologists and researchers from around the world. It is the extraterrestrial footprint assimilated by the current collective consciousness, despite what science and modern archeology try to cover up with their disinformative conspiracies. The Apu Incas were the True Sons of Sol. Mallku kapaj (Manco Capac) loses much of its aura of civilizing hero, and takes on the appearance, not a demigod but a mere mortal who claimed to be Son of the Sun to establish their superiority ignorant people. Machu Picchu Invisible from below and completely self-contained, surrounded by agricultural terraces sufficient to feed its population, and watered by natural springs.

Machu Picchu seems to have been used by the Incas as a hidden ceremonial city. Two thousand feet above the Urubamba River, the ruins of Machu Picchu cloud-covered, containing palaces, baths, temples, storage rooms and some 150 houses. All in a remarkable state of preservation. The structures are carved gray granite at the top of the mountain. They are marvels of architectural and aesthetic genius. Many of the stone blocks, weighing 50 tons or more, and as accurate their cuts have been sculpted and embedded with an accuracy that among their boards do not allow the insertion of a razor blade. Little is known about the social or religious use of the site during Inca times. One of the main functions of Machu Picchu was the astronomical observatory. Intihuatana Stone, has been strictly proved that it was an accurate indicator of the date of the two equinoxes and other significant celestial periods. The Intihuatana (also called stone Saywa or sukhanka) was designed to «catch» the sun at the two equinoxes, not the solstice. At noon on March 21 and September 21, the sun is placed directly on the pillar, not creating no shadow at all. At this exact moment, the sun «sits with all his power on the pillar» and for a moment is «tied» to the rock. In these periods, the Incas held ceremonies at the stone in which «tied the sun» to stop its movement marking the north in the sky. There is also an alignment of Intihuatana with the December solstice (the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere), which in the sunset, the sun sinks behind Pumasillo (claw cougar), the most sacred mountain of the Western range Vilcabamba, but the chapel itself is primarily equinoctial. Shamanic legends say that when a sensitive person tocacon his face Intihuatana stone opens its vision to the world of spirits. Intihuatana stones were sacred objects supreme Inca, and were sought systematically to destroy, by the Spaniards. When the Intihuatana stone was broken at an Inca shrine, they believed that the deities of the place had died or left. We had the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu in 1975 and the truth is that it feels the presence of the gods no words to describe the presence of something out of this world, I am part of the daily life of the Incas.

THE EARTH call Tawantin Suyu or the four quarters, ‘crossed over 4300 miles along the mountains and the coastal deserts of South America. Machu Picchu is located at 13 ° 9 ’47 «south latitude and 72 ° 32’ 44» west longitude, just in a magnetic pole of the global network. The weather is warm and humid during the day and cool at night. The temperature ranges between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius. The area is generally rainy (about 1,955 annual mm), especially between November and March. The rains, which are copious, rapidly alternating with moments of intense sunshine. Machu Picchu was built on the Vilcabamba Batholith, composed of intrusive rocks dating back about 250 million years, are specifically pin-Triassic intrusive mainly white to grayish granite, cut by some streaks of tonality. The granite massif is cut by a series of faults and joints, which play an important role in shaping the current relief and their evolution. The gorge of Picchu, located halfway between the Andes and the Amazon forest was a region colonized by Andean, no jungle, from populations of the regions of Vilcabamba and the Sacred Valley in Cusco, in search of an expansion of its borders agricultural. Archeological evidence indicates that agriculture is practiced in the region since at least 760 B.C. According to ancient astronaut theorists there is strong evidence that the builders were considered astronomical and ritual criteria for construction. Indeed, the alignment of some important buildings agrees with azimuth solar during steadily solstices and therefore no coincidence with the points of sunset rising of the sun at certain times of the year and the peaks of the surrounding mountains.

Critics of the ancient astronaut hypothesis frequently repeat that the enormous distances separating the stars are an immense problem for any race you want to explore the galaxy. Interstellar flight is in fact a difficulty; but for the human race. Extraterrestrial civilizations, of which there are thousands, if not millions of years later than ours, in their development, have most likely discovered appropriate means how to explore the universe. We have no right to assume that all species in the galaxy, are at the same technological level, which is currently humanity on Earth. In recent years, many prominent physicists and more open-minded, they have proposed the idea of parallel universes, wormholes and shown an increased interest in the existence of other dimensions. A spaceship enter in what is called a wormhole and find hundreds or even thousands of light years from its original position in space. The use of wormholes as windows in space would allow ships jump to another space quadrant pretty fast. It has also been theorized that anti-gravity devices could open a wormhole to a parallel universe. Worlds unseen to the naked eye, yet cannot be fully understood, but its existence should not be denied. Alien life forms may rather stem from other planets, as well as parallel universes, astral and ethereal realms. Closer to certain reports, studies indicate that alien beings sometimes manifest to our senses as apparitions and tele carry themselves to our world from another dimension. This leads us to the fascinating mystery of star gates, portals regarded as gods. There are places on this planet that are shrouded in myth, magic and mystery. There are places where one can «feel» the presence of the alien gods, our ancient creators. If I could take you to a trip to Peru and explore what many believe is the «gate of the gods». According to a legend of Native Americans, there is some inter-dimensional doorway hidden deep in the Andes Mountains. Apparently, this is one of a number of strategic stellar doors around our planet.
The portal in Peru is located approximately 35 kilometers from the city of Puno. At first glance, the Gate of the Gods (Puerta de Hayu Marca) looks like an ordinary carved rock, but is supposed to be much more than that. The door is difficult to access and has unfortunately never been completely explored, but it is believed that this could be a portal that leads to the land of the gods. Many strange and unexplained sightings have occurred there, and people living in the area are afraid to visit the place after dark. The fact is that the locals are often reluctant to talk about, their remarkable experiences, it becomes difficult to draw the line between rumors, fiction and true events. However, we can still get a description of what is taking place in this region. Witnesses have reported sightings of tall men with light hair and light skin. These beings are often accompanied by blue or orange balls of light. These unknown creatures come through this portal and silently disappear again. Who they are and where they come from? Locals are convinced that the portal leads to the land and home of the ancient gods. Sometimes, the gods return through this portal, for a short time to inspect your earthly domain. Then they disappear back to their world. Ancient civilizations around the world share a universal belief in world cycles. Legends and myths we find in Australia, America, Africa, Europe, Asia, all tell a story that tells us that our current world is neither the first nor the last.
According to ancient records and beliefs, at least four marvelous worlds have already been destroyed due to global cataclysms in the past. People living in small villages scattered throughout the Andes think that the strange visitors observed near the doorway are the ancient gods who in prehistoric times came from the skies and created life on this planet. There is a common belief that before the emergence of the next world, the ancient gods have to arrive to inform and warn about the destruction to come. The natives do not fear the impending changes because although they know that the ancient prophecy shall be complied with, have a deep faith in their gods. In the same way that Christians believe in the «second coming of Jesus Christ,» who will come to rescue them in times of despair, people here believe that the return of visitors from heaven, take the people, where they can be insurance, and protect them from all kinds of disasters.
These remarkable tall beings not only have been seen disappearing through the mysterious portal in the mountains. This place is also famous for the huge number of UFO sightings. Bright disc-shaped spheres are frequently observed in this area and in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca and Marcahuasi, another powerful site in Peru. People who have had the opportunity to visit and explore the door, describe a feeling of energy flowing through the body when touching the rock. Others have had visions of stars, illuminated areas and brilliant gas clouds. A sense of free fall has also been reported among the visitors. An ancient legend tells that there is a key to the portal, a golden disc, which enables the holder to open the gates and enter the kingdom of the ancient masters of the sky. This legend is far back in time, dates back to the founding of the Inca Empire. According to the natives, Amaru Muru, later known as Manco Capac was the first priest king of the Incas. The true origin of Amaru Muru is a mystery. Some say he was born at the legendary mountain cave Tampu Tocco. During his childhood, he was taken where the Sun God and later returned to Earth. Another version of the story is that Amaru Muro was a Lemurian sage. Shortly before the destruction of the continent, he was sent along with other sages to various parts of the world. His mission was to create new civilizations, all the sages carried with them a number of sacred objects and sacred records from the legendary continent. Amaru Muru and his wife arrived in light ships a Peruvian valley. Several temples and cities, such as, for example, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Tiahuanako were deliberately built over powerful vortexes. At that time Amaru Muru’s empire included not only Peru, but extended throughout South America. He also established the so-called Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Hidden in a monastery deep in the Andes, this mystery school, continued to follow the sacred teachings of Lemuria. In addition, the monastery also preserved the valuable objects brought by Amaru from the motherland. Among these objects was a certain sacred solar disk. The disc was rarely seen and most of the time was stored in a hidden camera. Apparently the golden disc was only removed from its place «in transcendental times or occasions of a cosmic character.”In other words, the disc was used when a cosmic catastrophe was approaching and there was need to open the gates to the realm of the gods. This beautiful golden disc is supposed to be the key to unlocking the mysterious cosmic door. Interestingly, archaeologists have examined the rock in Hayu Marca, they discovered a small circular depression next to the entrance. It has been speculated that this depression was perhaps intended for placing the golden disc, the key to open the door. Many sacred temples, cities and monuments around the world, are considered, as having been built on what appear to be vortices. Invisible energy of the earth, calls ley lines, connect number of sacred sites by the magnetic global network. Possible vortexes are supposed to exist in South America, Central and North, Egypt, Malta, Crete, Spain, Italy, Greece, Britain, France, Mesopotamia, Lebanon, Australia, Asia, simply. I mentioned earlier Marcahuasi, a place where Heaven and Earth meet. It is without doubt one of the most extraordinary places you can visit. It is not easy task to reach the plateau of Marcahuasi, which is located high in the Andes at a level of 12,000 feet above sea level. It is said that Marcahuasi is a place beyond the veil of time. The Monument to Humanity and other sculptures remind us all lost and forgotten races, who lived in prior to our worlds. Marcahuasi is in many ways as mysterious as the cosmic portal Hague Marca. People who have visited the Marcahuasi plateau have witnessed incredible sightings of unexplainable kind unidentified flying .Objetos have been seen flying over the area on several occasions.

The ancient astronaut theorists argue a theory that there is a powerful gateway located in the vicinity of Marcahuasi. Locals have reported strange beings

walking around the area during the day and night. Shall these creatures from within the earth or another dimension? Currently no answer to this question, and all we can offer is speculation. They have been sighted people disappearing and reappearing from nowhere. On several occasions they have been reported cases of levitation. It is believed that Viracocha taught his ancient secrets here, in one of the great mystery schools, a temple of the ancient masters. When you spend some time in this region, you can reach a higher state of consciousness. His state of consciousness and spirituality grows in this amazing place, where you feel the presence of the cosmic gods. Both Peruvian star gates are hidden, and knowledge of how to use them is not lost, but is kept secret.

• Could there be a specific reason why the inter-dimensional portals are located in hidden and inaccessible regions?
• Could it be that the ancient gods did not want us to find and we would use the portals leading to other worlds?
• Could it be that our wisdom and consciousness have not grown enough and is not allowed us into worlds inhabited by aliens?
• If we had the chance to cross the gate, could we embrace extraterrestrial life in a peaceful manner?
Actually, I wonder if we are prepared to face to face with our creators.