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We are specialists in Cultural and geographical Exploration inside the Ancient Civilizations of the Incans and  Pre Incans Waris,Pre Incans Tiahuanaco in the wonderland of Cusco /MachuPicchu, the loveliest spot in southern Peru.

We are professional in sightseeing, is also a 100% Peruvian local travel Agency .Direct local circuit operator and Sustainable Tourism in Programs and the support to Indigenous people there in Mountains.

We know well what we do. Because we have extensive experience with many years of work as a Guide. we know well our Village, our ways, our culture, our Andean philosophy, our customs and are authentic Peruvian native, because we were born in Cusco Peru in the sacred land of the Incas, and speak the language of the Incas, Quechua, Spanish, English and other languages and we are prepared to demonstrate our ability to organize the best vacation and travel in Peru.

And then you’ll be very happy with our services, to organize such an unforgettable excursion, tours, vacations, adventures, expeditions, hotels, Restaurants, transportation and others. Where we will show our knowledge, harmony, passion, punctuality and most importantly their safety and health, we are dedicated to your care and attention, food, water and we are very grateful for your visit, be welcome to Peru-MachuPicchu.

Who are we  Travel Safe Peru»We are the last descendants of the Incas, is created in Cusco Peru since 2010, Capital of the Inca Empire, the land of great civilizations and the sacred land of the Incas, was founded on October 24, 2010 The company  Wayna Travel Peru . Agency and tourist operator in Cuzco is the starting point in the urban of Machu Picchu and other adventures. We have extensive Skill in adventure, archeology, history, culture, ecotourism, spiritual jungle expeditions, hiking, climbing to the sacred mountains, trekking and others .

Travel agency you trust, will fulfill your dreams very satisfactory, to know urban and Machu Picchu sacred paths, its temples, past, present, and future.

Our Philosophy of Traveling Art.
In Wayna Travel Peru we are inspired to travel for the simple pleasure of doing so, and for the wealth of experiences that the trip brings with itself. Our Andean philosophy, called travel art, is based on 3 fundamental pillars: remote areas, deep exploration and luxury of the essential.
We are present only in remote areas in the Andes.
For us, remote areas are not only distant, but also offer a unique opportunity in life to move away, even for a few days, from our daily life and observe our existence from afar. The distance seems to reorganize the different aspects of our life putting them into perspective, expanding our horizons and filling us with new and fresh ideas.
We are not satisfied with mere contemplation.
We want our travelers to interact not only with reason, but also with their senses, emotions and physical activity. Our passion for deep exploration requires equally passionate guides, which is why our guides are a fundamental part of Superb Tour Peru..
For us luxury is about experience, not appearance.
In a world where imitations abound enough, we offer the luxury of approaching something in its original state.
Leave Home Disconnect yourself, put aside for a moment your story and your usual way of seeing things in life. When we are not clinging to our own ideas and habits, we can learn more and gain more from everything again.
Enjoy the journey Do not become obsessed with the final destination. Try to be open to the unpredictable, the unexpected and accidental, and to the things that happen along the narrow road that offers us only once in our life … Take advantage of opportunities. Change your plans.
Light packaging Excess baggage weighs us down and slows us down. It distracts and interferes with our relationship with our environment. Take what is appropriate. Do not make too much effort to protect yourself from any possible risk. Most of the time what is lost in comfort or safety, is gained in freedom.
Go beyond Extraordinary things happen to the limits of the possible. Each limit is the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Explore the frontiers with your own mental and spiritual efforts and possibilities offered by earth and energy.
Forget the time Try not to plan the beginning and end of events. Let them take the necessary time. Enjoy the natural passage of time, with its periodic succession of day and night. Being on the road, sometimes it seems as if time passes differently, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.
Walk Whenever you can, walk. When you walk you can observe things more closely and more carefully. Walking is an action of which speed is natural and comfortable. It takes one step at a time.
Get Off the Road Often the most valuable experiences are found on less traveled roads. The marked paths are simply those that have already been traveled by other people. Test yourself to open a new path. Be bold, discover the alternatives.
Get out when it rains – Things are different and look different than when the sun shines, how wonderful ..
Ask questions Find out about the things you see along the way; How and why they are as they are. Curiosity keeps us alert and in a state of constant change.
Try new flavors Food and drink in each place has its own flavors, smells and colors. Sometimes they have been prepared with recipes transmitted from generation to generation. Try them. Give them the opportunity to surprise you.
Do not stop The movement keeps us alive and new experiences nourish us. Move, do not stop. When you move to a different place, you open up new possibilities and options.
Stop Pauses are as important as movement. Stop and breathe deeply. I watched. I heard. Take a break. There are times when there is nothing better than a nap, contemplating the landscape or reading a book in the shade of a tree with a fresh air..
Talk to people There is nothing like a conversation to meet other people. Talk to local people. Tell them about where you are, share your ideas and beliefs. I heard. Challenge your prejudices.
Listen to stories about the place The present is enriched and better understood by learning about the past. Listening to the stories can also be surprising and fun within your expected journey.
Protect Nature Make sure your trip through each place leaves no trace for those who come after you. Take care of nature. The virgin places are an increasingly scarce treasure.“An Incredible know-how to be never forgotten the journey and destination!”Your Amazing Journey Begins here with «Visiting Peru» Lands Peru“Responsible and Organized, Way to business excellence».

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